How to get started

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How to get started

The MyVytalCare client application is a free, personalised tool to keep you in touch and up to date with your health status. It is easy to use and provides a convenient way to access your information on an Electronic Patient Record – anywhere, anytime.

A dedicated member of the team at your GP practice will enrol you in the MyVytalCare evaluation.

Please ensure that you have proof of identity and that you are a registered patient at the practice.

Once you’ve registered and provided all the required information, you will receive instructions on how to download the application with your care record directly to your device, through the secure link and password provided. Support to do this can be provided to you before you leave the GP practice. Please check to ensure that all of your information on your care record is correct. If you find any errors, please inform the practice manager immediately. Download MyVytalCare

You will then receive alerts, reminders and supporting information related to your long-term condition through your smartphone or computer.


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You should call the Helpline on +44 (0)1252 719 800 as soon as possible to report that you have lost your phone, to prevent fraudulent access to your personal care record. The Helpline will block your personal care record to prevent anyone accessing your information until you have a replacement phone.

Once you have received a replacement phone, you should follow the steps set out below.

Does your new phone replace a phone with your registered mobile number?
Your registered mobile number is the number of your primary mobile device, and is also the number you used when you first downloaded the DXS MyVytalCare© app. If your new phone is a replacement for the phone with your registered mobile number and has exactly the same phone number, you should:

  • Download the DXS MyVytalCare© app to your new device from the Apple, Google or Windows app store, just as you did previously
  • On your new phone, enter your registered mobile number which should be the same as the number of your new phone
  • Tap on your new phone to receive a One Time PIN (OTP).
  • The OTP will be sent to your new phone
  • Enter the OTP into your new phone
  • You can now use the same User ID and password that you used on your original phone to access your personal care record

If your new phone is a replacement for your original phone but does not use your original registered mobile number (i.e. you have a new number), you should:

  • Re-enrol for your DXS MyVytalCare© personal care record using the same procedure as when you downloaded the DXS MyVytalCare© personal care record app for the first time
  • This will mean enrolling again with your GP practice
  • We realise that this will involve additional effort for you. However, it is an essential step for the security of your personal care data, and to prevent another person impersonating you on a new device with a different number
  • You should ensure that your GP practice makes a note of your new mobile number as your registered mobile number, replacing the previous one, when you re-enrol
If your new phone or tablet is an additional device and does not replace any of your existing devices, you can simply download the DXS MyVytalCare© app to your new device from the Apple, Google or Windows app store, just as you did previously.

On your additional device, enter your registered mobile number, not the number of your new device.

You will need to have your primary device with the registered mobile number with you for the next step.

Tap on your new device to receive a One Time PIN (OTP).
The OTP will be sent to your primary device.

Enter the OTP received on your primary device into your new device.

You can now use your existing User ID and password that to access your personal care record on your additional device.
Continuity of information and care are inhibited, as data is locked within provider systems. The MyVytalCare personal care record disaggregates continuity of information from provider systems, liberating doctors, CCGs, hospitals, providers, funders, and insurers to align services around the patient, enable patients to manage services themselves, and achieve the best health outcomes at the lowest costs.

Many suppliers are focused on niche fitness apps or simple personal health records. MyVytalCare is the next level: a comprehensive, multilingual, end-to-end, anywhere, anytime Personal Care Solution. It is driven by authoritative doctors’ data, with built-in decision support, automatic alerts, follow-up, behaviour-changing apps, and online access to clinicians – all accessible on PCs, mobile devices, and TVs.
MyVytalCare personal care records are separate from provider systems, whether in primary, secondary, community, or social care. MyVytalCare does not compete with or replace provider systems, but complements them by adding a new layer that is patient-/client-facing.

MyVytalCare personal care records interface with provider systems, enabling providers to preserve the investment and experience in their provider systems. MyVytalCare is compatible with EHR standards, including ISO 13606 and openEHR, and thus is likely to interface with future provider systems too.
On the same secure NHS private network as your GP and Hospital records.
Only you and those to whom you give consent to share your record.
Only you will be given access to your record. When you sign up you will be able to choose your own secure login and password. These details are unique to you and, along with your personal information, will not be shared with anybody else unless you choose to let them see it. This is similar to how you would access other online services, for example banking.
Yes, you may share your record with, for example, your adult son or daughter if you would like their support in your care.
Yes, you may add your child(ren)’s records to your mobile device(s) until they reach 16. You will then need their consent to continue to access their personal care record.
If you want your carer to see your personal care record, you will be able to give them access to it.
GPs will look at each request for access to a record and do everything they can to make sure the requests are genuine and not being made under pressure. Sometimes it is in the patient’s best interest for a relative or carer to have access, and this is also something that will be considered on a case-by-case basis at practice level. GPs are able to refuse or withdraw access to a record if there are any concerns.
Yes, you can add your height, weight, and blood pressure yourself. You can also change the details of your GP or local hospitals. If you would like to, for example, add an allergy or past operation, we suggest that you visit your GP to discuss this with them. When the change is made in your GP record, it will automatically be made in your personal care record.
You will retain access to your personal care record. If you change to another CCG which has a contract with MyVytalCare, you will be able to continue using your personal care record as usual.

If your new CCG does not have a contract with MyVytalCare, you may pay the monthly subscription yourself and then continue to use your personal care record.

If you do not wish to pay the monthly subscription yourself, you may continue to view your personal care record, but no new data will be added until you or your new CCG pays the subscription.
You can keep your personal care record on smartphones and tablets using Apple IOS, Android, or Windows mobile.
Yes, you can have your personal care record on as many mobile devices as you want.
Yes, you can see your personal care record on any PC using the Internet browser.
Yes, your personal care record meets all the same stringent NHS standards for security and Information Governance as your GP or Hospital computer records.
You may buy a TV set top box from MyVytalCare that plugs into your TV together with any other TV set top box (Sky, Virgin, BT, etc.). This enables the interactive alerts and follow-up messages from your personal care record to be sent straight to your TV screen. You just use your TV remote to scroll up and down and press OK to select the answer you choose.
Updates to your personal care record are downloaded to your mobile device automatically when you have an Internet connection. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can continue to use your personal care record on your smartphone or tablet. The next time you do have an Internet connection, your personal care record will automatically be updated with any changes, for example, if you have seen your GP. The date and time your mobile devices were last updated is always shown.
Yes, your GP will know you have a personal care record.
Your personal care record will support the care provided by your GP, and uses authoritative data from your GP.
No, your GP will not charge you for your personal care record.
This comes from your local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and tells you about all the NHS Services in your local area. If any services are added or changed, these changes will automatically be sent to your personal care record, which means that your Directory is always up to date.
Yes, the information is accredited by the NHS National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), and is constantly updated by a NICE-accredited, dedicated team of authors.
Your personal care record is currently available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, and Urdu. Languages are continuously being added. You can see which languages are currently available on your personal care record at any time, and it is automatically updated when new languages are added.
There are a number of different services for people who want to get onto the Internet. Many are provided by local authorities, colleges, and charities. The best place to start would be your local library.

NHS England is also working with the Tinder Foundation on supporting people who want to make better use of the health information that is available on the Internet. You can find out more on:


The MyVytalCare client application is a free, personalised tool to keep you in touch and up to date with your health status. It is easy to use and provides a convenient way to access your information on an Electronic Patient Record – anywhere, anytime.

App Store

The app is compatible with an iPhone, iPod touch with iOS version 10.0 or later. Although the functionality will work on your iPad, it may not display properly.

Google Play

Your Android device needs to be on version 3.0 or later. Android devices include popular brands like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei to name a few.

Get to know more about our features

A comprehensive patient-facing electronic personal care record that presents health information in a patient-friendly format.
The app drives the application of best evidence medicine.
Designed to automate specific activities, provide treatment recommendations and automatically monitor LTC patients.

  • Personal Care Pathway

    Care pathways with multilingual alerts and follow-up.

  • Alerts and Reminders

    Interactive Alerts / Reminders to keep the user on top of managing their health.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Record

    Currently featuring: Metrics (BP/Height/Weight/BMI), Blood Tests and immunisations.

  • Remote Devices and Wearables

    Currently supporting BP Monitor Devices, but will support other wearable devices in the near future.

How can we help you?

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